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Hey heyyy beautiful person reading this!! I'm Sam (aka Belly), a queer Boston-area boudoir photographer, who is here to make you feel empowered AF πŸ”₯

lgbtq+, body, & kink inclusive boudoir

nh Boudoir photography

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this is about you. no one else.

Boudoir is about self empowerment, connecting with yourself as a sensual being, and seeing yourself as the S T U N N I N G human that everyone else already sees.

photographing the queer & kink communities


yup That's me!

πŸ–€ queer, kinky, or curious!
πŸ–€ currently on a self love journey
πŸ–€ doing it for YOU first and foremost (photos for your partner are just a bonus!)
πŸ–€ silly, fun, and love to dance - even badly!
πŸ–€ prooobably neurodivergent (bc same)

you're a Boudie Babe if you are...

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Whether "kink" for you means photographing you with more dominant or submissive poses, including bdsm props in your session (available to borrow!), or simply wearing kinkier outfits with your collar and harnesses or even your favorite stuffie, this is a space where we celebrate your kinks.

kink boudoir

bdsm, fetish &

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This is a space to unapologetically and authetically celebrate YOU. Everyone in the queer community is welcome here and I encourage you to wear what feels good to you - whether that means lacey lingerie, heels, boxers, t-shirts, suit jackets, button downs, combat boots, or leather jackets. The goal is simply for you to feel πŸ”₯ and 100% yourself.

queer boudoir


β€œThank you for creating a space for me to not only feel seen, but be .”


I'm Sam, your
new personal
hype person.

I'm the one behind the camera - prooobably screaming about how INCREDIBLE you look and how we just got THE shot...over and over again. I'm queer, kinky, and a dancer, and I'm here to make you feel empowered AF.

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