It all started when I fell in love with myself again.

It was a big realization, that my reality was built based on choices that everyone else wanted or expected me to make. Suddenly, nothing in my life felt authentic.

When I realized how much of my power and energy I gave away to everyone else in my life, I also realized that I had a choice:

Take my power back and finally live for myself no matter how my life would change because of it...

...or stay the same and keep living my life for everyone else.

It’s about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, embracing your body and authentic self, and celebrating your sensuality.

And I chose me.

I realized this is my life. Only me lives it. And I want to live the most authentic, happy, beautiful life that I can.

So I left my marriage when I realized I was gay (although we still photograph weddings together and are great friends!), came out, closed the thriving marketing education business I had built, and set much needed boundaries with so many people in my life.

I started wearing lipstick and heels, began finger painting again, got into kink, met an incredible partner, and finally started to heal my body.

Long story short, I learned how to choose myself and celebrate me. 

And that’s when I fell in love with boudoir.

To me, boudoir is all about stepping into your power.

Plainly put: I want you to walk out of your boudoir session feeling absolutely head over heels in love with your authentic, beautiful, badass self.

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How I met your mother (again)



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