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lgbtq+, gender, & kink inclusive Boudoir Photography for fun, quirky, & badass humans

NH & beyond BOUDOIR experience DETAILS

this is about you. no one else.

Boudoir is about self empowerment, connecting with yourself as a sensual being, and seeing yourself as the S T U N N I N G human that everyone else already sees.


All the things you love about yourself and your body. Your sensuality. Your quirks. Your kinks. That scar on your leg with a meaningful story behind it.

I capture all of this.

The way your whole vibe changes into a confident badass who gives nooooo fucks about what anyone else thinks when you’re in an outfit that makes you feel like the highest (and hottest!) version of yourself.

 I’m not here to take photos for just your partner’s enjoyment (although I’m sure they’ll love your photos if you choose to share them!) or stuff you in a specific box for society’s comfort.

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I’m here to make you feel empowered AF and to give you a space to celebrate your unapologetic self.

Once upon a time, boudoir was just for brides wanting a sexy surprise gift for their soon-to-be spouse or for moms wanting to spice up their marriage.

Boudoir photos are often thought of as gift for someone else.
But I want this experience to be for YOU.

I specialize in LGBTQ+, gender, and kink inclusive boudoir photography for humans who want to embrace and celebrate their bodies, grow their confidence, and have a FUN and relaxed time while doing it.

hi, I'm belly.

Your bubbly (yet calming), fun, queer, and kinky boudoir photographer.

Blast your favorite playlist, dance, and sing along (if you want!) to relax and have fun

your boudoir session is a space to...

Wear outfits that look and feel like you - lingerie, boxers, button downs, heels, combat boots, leather jackets or blazers, sports bras, t-shirts, binders, packers, etc…or even nothing at all!

Express yourself, including your kinks! Borrow bdsm & kink props from my studio playbox (I have floggers, paddles, collar/leash, a spreader bar, and more!), wear your collar & pet play gear, or even bring your favorite stuffie if you’re a Little.

Show off all the things you love about yourself and embrace the parts of you that you’re learning to love

Learn poses that reflect your personality and sensuality - don’t worry, I’ll walk you through every pose!

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does this sound like the type of boudoir experience you would LOVE?!

In a nutshell: I want you to walk out of your boudoir session feeling absolutely head over heels in love with your authentic, beautiful, badass self.